What are Blooket Hacks?

Blooket hacks refers to cheating techniques used to gain an unfair advantage while playing the online quiz game Blooket.

Types of Blooket hacks

There are a few main types of Blooket hacks:

  • Auto answering - using scripts or bots to automatically select answers. This allows players to earn points and coins without actually playing the game.
  • Infinite coins and points - using cheats or glitches to gain unlimited coins and points. This allows players to buy all items and upgrades without limits.
  • Speed hacks - modifying the game's speed to allow players to answer questions and move through rounds more quickly than intended. This makes it easier to earn more points.
  • God mode - making a player's account invincible so they cannot lose or be eliminated from a game.

In general, Blooket considers all hacks, cheats and exploits to be a violation of their terms of service. Use of hacks can result in account bans.

Are Blooket hacks safe?

Blooket hacks are not recommended and should not be used for a few reasons:

  • They violate Blooket's terms of service and can result in account bans.
  • They provide an unfair advantage over other players.
  • They can cause issues for the game, disrupt gameplay and worsen the player experience.
  • They often involve downloading external software which could pose security risks.

So, Blooket hacks are not safe! Most hack tools for Blooket involve exploiting security flaws in the game in order to gain an unfair advantage. This can lead to your Blooket account getting banned. It is also against Blooket's Terms of Service to use any unauthorized third-party tools or cheats. So in general, it is best to avoid using Blooket hacks and play the game fairly instead.

How can I earn more points in Blooket?

  • Participate frequently- The more games you play, the more opportunities you'll have to earn points.
  • Answer difficult questions quickly- Answering harder questions or ones that pop up first will earn you more points.
  • Complete assignments- Completing assignments rewards points as well as in-game items.
  • Win races- Winning races gives you not just points but also blooks that you can spend in the store.
  • Collect powerups- Powerups like Time Freeze, Double Points, etc. can significantly boost your points in a game.
  • Climb leaderboards- The higher you are on the leaderboard, the more points you'll earn at the end of the game.

What are some tips for playing Blooket fairly and without using hacks?

Tips for playing Blooket fairly and without using hacks
  • Don't use any extensions, scripts, bots, or tools that others have not created.
  • Don't tamper with or modify any of Blooket's website code.
  • Only use the features that are provided within Blooket's official website and app.
  • Focus on improving your knowledge and quiz-taking skills to progress through the levels.
  • Be a good sport! Congratulate other players when they do well and move up levels.
  • Report any suspicious activity you notice to Blooket's administrators.
Playing fairly and having fun is the best way to truly enjoy Blooket and progress through the ranks!


Blooket is an interesting new multiplayer gaming platform that is rising in popularity. However, like many online games, there are some players seeking unfair advantages by using Blooket hacks. The use of such hack tools tarnishes the spirit of fair competition that Blooket and other online games strive to provide users.

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