The Best Early Fitness Deals Ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2022

Barbells, resistance bands, and more home exercise must-haves are all seriously discounted at Amazon right now.

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If you've been contemplating overhauling your outdated home gym or refreshing your fitness gear that's lost its new sheen, it can indeed take a toll on your pocket. Fortunately, the annual event of Amazon Prime Day provides a short window for you to replenish your existing fitness inventory and splurge a little on some new items — all at a discounted price.

But this year, you don't need to wait until Prime Day, which is scheduled for July 12 and July 13, to seize some great deals on fitness essentials. As it turns out, a host of workout necessities are currently on sale this week, and Shape editors themselves have added products like airy running shorts, advanced smart watches, dumbbell racks, and more to their wish lists.

Are you ready to discard those worn-out athletic pants and rearrange your workout area to match The Home Edit's standards? If so, keep your credit card handy and shop these pre-Prime Day selections straight from the Shape team.

Core 10 Women's Standard-Fit Ruched Waistband Woven Running Short

"I'm in the market for lightweight, breathable shorts to wear on hot outdoor runs this summer. This pair comes in multiple colors and has hundreds of solid reviews. I like that it has an adjustable drawstring waist and a zippered pocket for holding my keys. Plus, the $25 price tag is way less expensive than what other brands offer." – Christie Calucchia, News Editor

GXMMAT Large Exercise Mat

My recent transition to a home with vinyl flooring has me worried about potential damage from my workout equipment. The solution I found is a large exercise mat that can cover the entire room and safeguard my floor. This 6x6 ft mat, now on sale, seems to be an excellent choice. It's 7mm in thickness and comes with a non-slip base for stability, eliminating the need for a yoga mat during core workouts. Its impressive number of five-star reviews reaffirms its high quality and worthiness of its price.

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

"I recently gifted a Fitbit Sense to my boyfriend, who used to be attached to his Garmin, and he already finds this model way easier to use since he can see all of his stats at a glance. This version also shows insights on stress management, which is very nifty these days. The battery life is a huge plus, lasting up to six days on a single charge." – Marietta Alessi, Social Media Director

Renoj Resistance Bands

"As an advocate for fitness versatility, I firmly believe in the benefits of incorporating resistance bands into any workout regimen. The appeal lies in their adaptability and portability. They can add an extra level of challenge to my leg exercises or stand alone as the sole equipment needed for a full-body workout. Recently, I purchased a set of three resistance bands that exceeded my expectations. This set comes with light, medium, and heavy resistance options, allowing for customization of your workout intensity." - Genesis Rivas, Staff Writer

Gaiam Yoga Mat

"Transitioning to home workouts over the past couple of years — effectively replacing my gym membership and exercise classes — has resulted in my workout mats experiencing significant use on a daily basis. Gaiam mats stand out as my top pick due to their optimal thickness, combined with their anti-slip feature that doesn't leave a sticky residue. Presently, there's a variety of designs and hues available at discounted prices, making it challenging to settle for just one — I might have to consider getting a pair."

Marcy Compact Dumbbell Rack

"Having collected an assortment of dumbbells over time, each a different size and shape, their storage in my closet has become a literal hurdle (my toes can vouch for this). As Prime Day approaches, my attention is drawn towards this compact stand designed specifically for free weights. It can bear up to 400 pounds and offers two separate racks for storage. This means, along with my dumbbells, I can conveniently store my kettlebells, weight plates, and resistance band collection too." - Megan Falk, Assistant Editor

Secret Outlast Clear Gel Antiperspirant Deodorant

As a frequent experimenter with aluminum-free deodorants, I've found that some outshine others. However, in certain circumstances - be it an impending date or an early morning gym class where shower facilities are not guaranteed, I look for the most powerful antiperspirant available. Enter: Secret Outlast Clear Gel Antiperspirant Deodorant. This transparent gel offers an array of assurances, from 48-hour protection to 7 times more effective odor elimination. From personal experience, I can vouch for its potency, ensuring fresh and arid underarms whether you're hitting the gym or heading out for an adventurous day.

TREBLAB Z2 Over Ear Workout Headphones with Microphone

"I can't run without music but am chronically losing ear buds, which is why these cordless headphones have been a game changer. They're totally sound-proof, making them perfect for noisy gyms, and they don't make my ears hot thanks to pressure-free cups. Plus, the excellent sound quality makes my workout all the more enjoyable." – Chloe Irving, E-Commerce Health & Wellness Writer

Amazon Basics Medicine Ball

"I've been slowly stocking my home gym with equipment big and small for the last two-plus years, but a medicine ball is one thing I don't have in my arsenal just yet, but have found myself in need of. This medicine ball is available in five weights — from just 4 pounds up to 12; though it's the heaviest of the bunch that are on sale — and will allow me to switch up my routine when it's feeling dull." – Alyssa Sparacino, Editorial Director

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