Top Beauty Trends of 2023 Explained By Experts

Here's what you can expect to see on your feeds and IRL in the world of beauty trends, from skinimalism to Gemini hair.

Whether you are an avid TikTok user who has spent significant time in 2022 exploring the myriad of skin-care and makeup tricks or simply a curious observer, it's clear that the platform is brimming with an assortment of beauty hacks. These range from applying thyme-infused ice cubes for acne treatment to using frozen cucumbers for skin rejuvenation. As entertaining and enlightening as these trends can be, the primary focus of the beauty industry in 2023 is slated to shift towards more intentional and less frivolous practices. The evolving dynamic will see brands prioritizing overall wellness over superficial aesthetics. In this context, experts have highlighted some key beauty trends for 2023. They offer insight into how these trends can be incorporated into your routine, all while ensuring the health of your skin, hair, and nails isn't compromised. The goal is to strike a balance between enjoying the process and achieving desired results, thus making the journey of beauty both fun and functional.

1. Skin-Benefitting Makeup

This year, the makeup industry is witnessing an increase in hybrid beauty products that incorporate skin-friendly components to address issues like dryness, excessive oil, acne, and more. Take serum foundations as an instance. They combine the coverage offered by a regular foundation with the advantages of skincare ingredients. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid are added for hydrating purposes, while SPF is included to shield the skin from harmful UV rays. For those who have reservations about applying makeup over acne or flaky dry skin, these dual-purpose products aim at addressing skincare problems while providing the smooth, radiant finish associated with makeup. Furthermore, blending a serum with a foundation can assist in attaining a glowing makeup look. "The serum will dilute the formula slightly, allowing more of the skin to show through, and the skincare in the mixture will help give a sheen to the skin," explains Amrita Mehta, renowned makeup artist. Though you still require a tailored skincare routine to truly tackle the root causes of your skin problems, you will appreciate the combined impact and convenience of makeup loaded with potent skincare properties in the interim.

2. 3D Nail Art

In 2023, the world of nail art is poised to become even more exciting with the introduction of 3D designs. This innovative technique uses materials such as gems, bows, pearls, lace, and flowers which are affixed to the nails for an added dimension and texture. 3D nail art begins with a base layer of gel polish, over which a thicker layer of nail lacquer is applied to secure the design. As these designs are typically quite elaborate, it's crucial to look after the health of your nails and cuticles before, during, and following the use of these styles. The application process for 3D nail art usually involves acrylic full set nails, which are then shaped and secured using chemicals. But don't worry - 3D nail art can also be used on natural nails, dip powder, and acrylic tips for an equally stunning effect. However, this procedure can potentially weaken and damage natural nails over time. To ensure their health and strength, it's important to properly remove your 3D nail art using acetone instead of biting or peeling them off, which can harm the nail bed, rip the nail, and cause brittleness. Furthermore, consistent use of cuticle oil can keep your cuticles and nails hydrated, flexible, and healthy, says celebrity nail artist Elle Gerstein.

3. Body Wash with Active Ingredients

The significance of utilizing active components in facial skincare has already been recognized, but in 2023, body care with dynamic elements will become increasingly essential. Anticipate the arrival of products enhanced with active ingredients, these are scientifically verified constituents in skin-care products designed to combat particular skin issues. For instance, body acne, dryness, and hyperpigmentation can be addressed with such products. Shower gels will incorporate desirable active ingredients like niacinamide, vitamin C, salicylic acid, and retinol to guarantee a smooth, even-toned, and bump-free body skin. Take note that cleansers enriched with active ingredients have potent formulas and might provoke irritation. It's recommended to use these types of washes once or twice weekly initially, especially for those with skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema, to ensure the skin can adapt. If your skin permits, these washes can be employed daily to alleviate any skin issues on the body.

4. Gemini Hair

<p>The hair styling trends of 2023 are not for the faint-hearted. Gemini hair, a bold style inspired by the dualistic nature of the Gemini astrological sign, is set to take center stage. This vibrant look involves dyeing your hair in two contrasting shades, typically from opposite ends of the color spectrum, for maximum impact.</p> <p>To effectively achieve this look, it's recommended to use professional hair dyeing or bleaching services to avoid excessive damage. Proper aftercare is also crucial to maintain the vibrancy of the color and the health of your hair. Amy Tuszynski, a well-known colorist based in Las Vegas, suggests using a sulfate-free shampoo that won't strip your hair and rinsing with cool water. According to her, "Heat expands the cuticle layer of your hair, allowing color molecules to escape easily." In other words, your vibrant hair color might fade sooner than expected.</p> <p>To keep your hair strong and moisturized, deep conditioning is essential. The chemicals in dyes can dry your hair, making it brittle and prone to breakage. By maintaining a good hair care routine, you can flaunt your Gemini hair while keeping your locks healthy and strong.</p>

5. Skinimalism

The trend of elaborate, multi-step skincare routines is gradually fading, giving way to "Skinimalism," the philosophy that champions simplicity and efficiency in skincare. With an emphasis on maintaining the health of the skin rather than just its appearance, skinimalism is set to dominate 2023 as more individuals understand the need for mindful skincare habits.

There's a significant shift observed from the previously desirable complex routines often promoted by celebrities, towards a minimalist approach focusing on essential steps like cleansing and targeted treatments for bespoke concerns. The aim is to nurture and fortify the skin barrier - the external layer responsible for safeguarding the skin from environmental harm and preserving moisture content.

Previously, aspirational high-maintenance skincare routines were sought after, but they don't fit into the schedules of those with busy lifestyles who can't afford to spend considerable time on skincare daily. Thus, the practicality and effectiveness of skinimalism firmly establish it as a mainstay trend for 2023.

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