Bailey Bass Is Unapologetically Honest

At age 12, Bailey Bass auditioned for the much-anticipated sequel of the Avatar series, "Avatar: The Way of the Water". Involved in a role that required her to portray Tsireya, a young Na'vi from the Metkayina clan, she was unconcerned about the magnitude of the project. She talks to Shape via Zoom about how she has evolved into an independent and brutally honest individual over the years, thanks to her family's unapologetic attitude led by her grandmother. Haling from New York, Bass is known to speak her mind without reservations. At 13, she started training for the physically grueling film by doing parkour and gym exercises, a challenging phase where most teenagers struggle with their body image. She often found herself amid teenage boys who were reckless in their stunts. Bass initially found freediving, a method of profound underwater swimming without any breathing apparatus, quite intimidating as a significant part of the movie was filmed underwater. However, she eventually excelled in it, transforming her fear into a sense of achievement. From being extremely nervous to finally enjoying this activity reflects a significant progression in her journey. As she continues to celebrate her unapologetic honestly, read on to explore more about her experiences while preparing for one of the biggest movie franchises and dealing with adolescence like any other teenager.

Thriving Outside of Her Comfort Zone

Navigating out of her usual sphere, Bass had a negligible background in swimming prior to her Avatar audition. To gear up for the process which involved swimming, treading water, and holding breath, her mother arranged for her to take three swimming lessons in a single week at a local swimming center. At the actual audition, Bass found herself as the only girl among boys, a situation that pushed her boundaries and challenged her to match their pace. Far from backing down, she stepped up. Following her selection for the role, she enthusiastically embarked on rigorous training, earning certifications in freediving and scuba diving alongside her co-stars. They also picked up sign language to facilitate communication when submerged underwater. With an already impressive portfolio in rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, and dance, Bass found the transition to underwater movement quite seamless, with her innate propensity to point her toes even while swimming. Reflecting on her experience, she revealed that her personal best for holding her breath underwater during filming extended to an impressive six and a half minutes.

Bailey Bass on endurance

Bass thinks of fitness in a holistic manner, not just as a part of her acting routine. She believes in incorporating exercise in her daily life to ward off anxiety and maintain her digestive health. She has a competitive streak, which she attributes to her mother, a D1 tennis athlete. Her mother's sports achievements not only brought her to the U.S from Belarus but also played a role in shaping Bass. Endurance training appeals to Bass, who regularly practices high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Aiming to excel in running, she views endurance as a mental challenge. Weightlifting and other exercises require a strong mindset, but pushing your body to keep moving when it wants to stop requires immense discipline, something she relishes. Besides her HIIT workouts or striving to achieve her running targets, Bass loves to bask in the Californian sun while hiking. The change from her native city, New York, was refreshing for her. The outdoor activity is so dear to her that she celebrated her 18th birthday in Arizona, famous for its mountain trails. Additionally, Bass is an adrenaline enthusiast. Whether it's skydiving or hiking in extreme heat, she thrives on such exhilarating experiences.

Embracing All Kinds of Self Care

Bass is no stranger to pushing boundaries and exploring new territories, but it's during her mental health challenges that she finds comfort in familiar spaces. She gains solace from faith-based music which reconnects her with her core purpose and existence. "In merely 5 minutes, my playlist clears everything", she shares. Nurturing her well-being also means paying special attention to her skincare. Bass considers skincare paramount and indulges in learning about the scientific aspects of it. "Reading ingredients is one activity I relish. Discussing skincare could fill up my entire day," she exclaims. Her go-to products belong to the Rodan and Fields line, a preference probably influenced by her mother's association with the brand.

Bailey Bass on acne

The proficient actress, Bailey Bass, has effectively used a red light appliance to manage her acne. However, she highlights the normalcy of acne, underlining its natural occurrence and wide prevalence, despite societal taboos around it. Significantly, Bass is fortified by a strong network of women in her life, which includes her mother, publicist, agent, and acting mentor. They continually encourage her to embrace and express her individuality. According to Bass, women often feel compelled to conform due to societal expectations, affecting their speech and behavior. Her support system, however, consistently urges her to resist this pressure and fully embrace who she is, hence her natural authenticity.

Finding a Community Online and IRL

Preserving her mental health is paramount for Bass, a 19-year-old who diverges from many of her Gen Z contemporaries by not having a TikTok account. "I am only active on Instagram because it's crucial for me to protect my mental well-being," she shares. Bass is passionate about content creation and aims to ensure it promotes a secure environment. She is vigilant about not compromising her mental health, hence the necessity for maintaining some separation. Bass has invested significant effort in curating an online sanctuary via her culinary videos crafted for her digital audience. "Cooking is a passion of mine," she expresses, her enthusiasm palpable whenever the subject comes up. Her zest for food extends beyond consumption as she often finds herself saying, "I can make this better" after dining at a restaurant. Bass' desire was to create content that delivered joy while telling the tale of her career advancements and culinary skills improvement. Hence, making cooking videos became an integral part of her social media identity. The aspiration to one day be recognized as the mother with the best cookie recipes led her to start baking, which eventually kindled her interest in cooking.

Bailey Bass on social media

Bailey Bass takes pleasure in concocting dishes such as tomato soup and vegan pasta. She humorously labels herself the "vegan who adores meat," touting the deliciousness of her vegan pasta combined with asparagus and Beyond Meat. Connecting people regardless of language barriers, she believes, is the universal appeal of food. Another common denominator for many? Reality television. Viewing reality TV with her mother and brothers is something she eagerly anticipates when she returns home. They enjoy timeless favorites like MTV's The Challenge and Bravo's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She admits to being deeply engrossed. While it's true that Bass commenced her acting journey by casually securing a role in an Avatar movie, she, like others her age, cherishes basic pleasures. As she expresses it: "Food and sleep are two of my most cherished things".

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