The Best Hiking Pants for Women, According to Customer Reviews

These hiking pants will stand up to all your outdoor adventures, whether you're navigating streams, overgrown fields, or rocky terrain.

In spite of the tempting appeal of shorts for hiking trips in warm climates or during the summer, you might find yourself better served by a good pair of hiking pants. They not only protect your legs from sun exposure and inclement weather but also prevent potential harm from natural hazards along your path - such as thorny bushes or insect bites. Moreover, advanced fabric technologies and unique features ensure that they do not restrict your movement or cause discomfort due to overheating. When on the lookout for top-notch women's hiking pants, prioritize choices made with flexible, breathable materials that have quick-dry capabilities and water-resistance, as there's always a chance of crossing streams or being caught in sudden showers while hiking. Other desirable qualities include lightweight construction, durability, resistance to tearing, and the ability to easily shed dirt – vital attributes if these pants are to be worn over several days on the trail. Additional features worth considering include integrated UPF sun protection, internal snaps at the knees for conversion into capris, and ankle drawstrings for adjusting the fit and keeping ticks and other small creatures at bay. The advantage is that the finest women's hiking pants strike the perfect balance between functionality, comfort, resilience, and fashion. This makes them versatile enough to be worn not just on the trail, but also to casual lunches, during travel, or even for running errands. Explore the top picks for women's hiking pants based on customer feedback available online.

Best Overall: Eddie Bauer Guide Pro Pants

These lightweight hiking pants from Eddie Bauer, which come in women's sizes, are a favourite among customers, with 92 percent awarding them four or five stars on Amazon. The pants' design includes two-way stretch fabric and a durable water-repellent finish to ensure flexibility and protection from light rain or splashes when out on the trails. Not only do they offer UPF sun protection, but they also have cargo pockets for storing essentials and can be conveniently packed into a backpack for multi-day trips.

One enthusiastic reviewer shared her positive experience, saying, "These hiking pants were my best purchase for my 2-week adventure in Belize. I was concerned about the fit because I have wider hips and a smaller waist, but the stretchy material had no problem accommodating my figure."

Most Versatile: Vuori Ripstop Pant

Fans of active outdoor adventures will appreciate the multi-purpose design of the Vuori Ripstop Pants. These pants offer a two-way stretch, providing maximum flexibility for tasks such as rock scrambling or sliding over fallen trees. The fabric is durable and resistant to tears, ensuring that encounters with thorny bushes or rough surfaces are no issue. Storage isn't a problem either, thanks to its five-pocket design. With a design that harmoniously combines a modern, slim fit with a relaxed leg, these pants are not just functional but also stylish. Available in various earthy tones such as army green, charcoal, and copper, they can suit any preference. One satisfied customer revealed: "These pants were excellent for my 10-mile hike. At one point, we had to cross a river and some water splashed onto the pants. Although they aren't fully waterproof, these pants dried quickly."

Best Water-Resistant Pair: Athleta Headlands Hybrid Cargo Tight

Adore the fusion of high-grade functionality and environmental consciousness with these hiking pants, crafted from repurposed fabric. Their stretchable material ensures unhindered movement, durability against wear and tear, packability for easy transport, and water resistance for protection in damp conditions. Your essentials are safe while hiking or roaming the city, thanks to the six zip-secure pockets.

"The third pair of these amazing pants I've bought!" a happy customer shared. "A regular part of my attire! They're not only professional-looking and sleek, but they also have room for my phone when I'm without my bag. They pair well with flats, sneakers, or boots."

Best Convertible Pair: Columbia Saturday Trail Pant Pants

These pants are a favorite among customers, with many owning more than one pair. Their unique features include water and stain resistance, UPF sun protection, and pockets for storing valuable items - all essential qualities in a good hiking pant. An additional feature is the roll-up legs that can be converted into capris as the temperature rises. Customers rave about these pants, "I absolutely adore these pants! I wore my first pair everywhere, from hot Southeast Asia where I needed protection from the sun and bugs, to challenging hikes. The ability to easily roll them up into capris and secure them with an internal snap fixture (that you don't feel) to a discreet external snap is a bonus. Also, the side zipper pocket is perfect for keeping small items like keys, credit cards, or cash safe. They're so comfortable and durable, I practically wore out my first pair and had to get another pair just like it. These pants are versatile enough for a casual hike or to dress up with a blazer or fancy top and sandals."

Most Comfortable: Cotopaxi Baja Pant

These aren't your average hiking pants, but the Cotopaxi Baja Pant is a customer favorite due to its dual functionality and stylish design. The pant-legging hybrid is perfect for numerous occasions, from hiking trails to everyday wear, even suitable for flights. Its high-quality construction comprises a stretchy, weather-resistant fabric that ensures durability and comfort.

It's not short on practical features either, boasting a hidden side seam zip pocket for securely storing essentials like credit cards and passports. The smooth spandex waistband has a low-profile design, making it comfortable against the skin and interference-free when clipping on a daypack or hip belt.

A satisfied customer who wore them on a hiking trip in Italy said, "They are comfortable, lightweight, packable, and have just that slight bit of stylishness to take them above the ordinary travel/activewear pant." Even their guide was impressed and contemplated buying the men's version.

Best for Traveling: Prana Halle Straight

Enthusiasts of hiking, biking and similar activities are fond of these pants as they're constructed from flexible material that comfortably allows movement. They also feature rapid-drying technology for enhanced comfort and coolness, sun protection of UPF 50+, and are wrinkle-resistant, hence maintaining their form whether during an adventure or packed in your luggage. Additionally, these pants come with concealed snaps at the knees, enabling them to be worn either as full-length trousers or rolled-up capris for better ventilation in warm weather conditions.Customers have praised these pants stating: "These are my go-to pants! I possess around eight pairs," said one customer. "As a wildlife photographer, these are the ONLY pants I use outdoors. Not only are they comfortable and present a flattering fit, but they also have ample pocket space. The option to roll them up when photographing shorebirds or while in marshes and needing to step into water or mud is fantastic. My pairs undergo frequent rough use and washings, but they never let me down."

Best Value: Baleaf Hiking Cargo Pants

Prepare to fall in love with the Baleaf Hiking Cargo Pants, a blend of functionality and style that's friendly on the wallet. Designed with a lightweight material that's both moisture-wicking and quick-drying, these pants are perfect for adventures during the warmer months. Integrated UPF protection adds an extra layer of safety under the sun. What sets these hiking pants apart is the adjustable cord lock around the pant cuffs, which helps keep pesky bugs at bay during your hikes. These pants are praised for their inclusive fit, catering to a wide range of body types, as noted by one happy customer who found these pants to be the only pair that accommodated her curves.

A satisfied customer shared her experience, saying: "I sported these pants during a week-long camping trip in Utah. Our trip involved daily hiking and tent camping. I found these pants incredibly comfortable and durable, considering they were the only ones I wore during daylight hours every day".

Best Cropped Pair: Mountain Hardwear Dynama 2 Ankle Pant

If you're hunting for cropped pants rather than roll-up style trousers, these hiking pants are an ideal choice. Crafted from extremely flexible material that wicks away moisture and water, these pants also feature a zippered pocket to keep your essentials secure. Not only are they perfect for your trail adventures, but they're also fashionable enough for dinner and Instagram-worthy photos.

As one user expressed, "These pants have been a great addition to my outdoor wardrobe; I've worn them when climbing, hiking, on humid hot days, and even in the rain. They're not just comfortable and quick-drying, but also trendy enough to earn compliments in social gatherings."

Most Flattering: The North Face Aphrodite 2.0 Pant

Experience the irresistible charm of The North Face Aphrodite 2.0 Pants. These hiking essentials are not only sturdy and lightweight but also boast quick-drying attributes and flexibility. The pants feature adjustable cords at the waistline and ankle area, allowing you to customize the fit while also keeping insects away. In addition, they offer pockets for storing essentials. Designed with a unique close-fit style, these pants offer comfort without compromising on the chic appeal.

A satisfied customer shared their experience, "I was looking for the perfect pair of hiking pants and found these in a retail store but bought them from Amazon to get the short inseam. They're the best! They feel incredibly soft and stretchy, offering unparalleled comfort. I tend to sweat a lot, particularly when hiking, and usually wear shorts. However, wanting more protection against the sun and bugs, I opted for pants. Initially, I was apprehensive thinking pants would make me feel hotter, but these turned out to be fantastic. They offer excellent breathability and dry up very quickly."

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